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A three-week journey designed to help participants
to return with a new perspective on meaning and purpose.

Over a long period of years working with, and supporting change in individuals, Greg and Andy have designed a new opportunity to take part in a unique programme which encourages young people to enter the world of adulthood with meaning, purpose and a spirit for adventure.

What is a
Rite of Passage?


In ‘Himalayan Rite of Passage’ Snowline recognises that young adults today are subjected to many more pressures than ever before. They have many more decisions to make at an early age without necessarily having the space and time to reflect on those decisions; decisions that could fundamentally alter the course of their lives, change the dynamic of their relationships with those close to them. These decisions often alter their understanding of self within the context of society’s perception of who or what they should become. These transitional points of choice are not easy times for our young adults, as they are being constantly bombarded by a social media agenda that does not necessarily have their best interests at heart.

In past times, the transition from childhood to adulthood was marked by Rites of Passage, rituals designed to mark the step shift in responsibility between childhood and adulthood, usually overseen by elders in the community. In the modern world, community for young people is often found in peer groups or with strangers online. Rites of Passage no longer exist in the form of an introduction to adulthood and the expectations and responsibilities that go with it.

Snowline’s Himalayan Rites of Passage experience will guide young adults through a ‘Rite of Passage journey designed to take them on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization, which will lead to a greater understanding, seeing themselves within the context of others. This journey is a means of exploring (perhaps for the first time) “the possibility of becoming all that they are capable of becoming”. This exploration is further enhanced by the incredibly rich and diverse nature of journeying through the Himalayas. Living alongside Tibetan and Nepalese people, they will get the opportunity to explore and understand their meaning and purpose, and consider the place of adventure and philanthropy in their lives.

When we give ourselves to others, they in turn give themselves to us. The opportunity to work on a voluntary basis alongside people experiencing challenge in their lives, helps them to explore the concept of giving something back. In our experience there is no better place than the deeply rich culture of the Himalayas to begin to investigate and understand this.

The Himalayan
Rite of Passage Programme

The Himalayan Rite of Passage is a three-week journey designed to help participants to leave the thinking of childhood behind and through some hardship and reflection, to adopt the sense of responsibility that being a functioning independent adult requires. The modern idea of a gap year spent partying and travelling the world, does little to induct young people into the ranks of mature adulthood.

Through the experiences of travelling, reflecting, journaling, and through experiencing new people and cultures, participants will be invited to return with a new perspective on meaning and purpose, and will have a better idea of their context in the world.


"My rite of passage journey to Nepal was not only a life changing experience, but an opportunity to sample every flavour of this incredible country. Greg was there every step of the way, from beginning to end. From assimilating me into the bustling and bright city of Kathmandu, to introducing me to local characters, monasteries and everything the city had to offer, it was more than I could have hoped for. He was there to guide/mentor me through every eye-opening experience that took place, and having met many other travellers in Nepal, I know for certain my authentic adventure would not have been possible without his guidance. While there were certainly moments that felt unique, there was always time throughout the journey to digest and reflect on these moments, and when the time arrived to head home, I found myself wanting to extend my stay for longer. I can say for sure that someday I shall return to Nepal/Kathmandu, and will forevermore cherish the experiences that took place. Thanks Greg."
January 2023
"The positive impact of the rite of passage journey for my son is clear to see. Under Greg’s guidance, the 10 day rites of passage plus Annapurna trek after enabled my son to understand more about himself, about his role in the world and what path he would like to take. And to realise and unlock his own true potential. Greg’s support and understanding during the challenging yet rewarding journey was just right. A combination of insight, rigour, kindness and discipline has led to a much healthier and happier young man on his return and onwards. I highly recommend Greg, Andy and Snowline’s rite of passage programme. Thank you Greg."